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innovation, customer experience, customer service, training, coaching, sales, marketing, market research, management consulting, Luxembourg

You want to:

- Bridge the gap between the management vision and the operational execution

- Receive support throughout your organisational/digital transformation

- Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty

- Energise and upskill your teams

Each solution offered is designed with the following two characteristics:

  • Tailor-made to fit with your organisation culture and objectives

  • Organic because your teams are the actors of the transformation process

Do you need an extra help to ensure that your company vision and product strategy are fit for your customers and well embodied from top to bottom within your organisation?  

As a practitioner of Lego® Serious Play® and other facilitation methodologies, I will help you reach your objectives across your organisation through tailor-made workshop sessions.

Lego Serious Play facilitation
Coaching & PM Services
PM  BA Services.jpg
Do you need pragmatic support to either guide your teams or to run and execute some of your projects from initiation to final delivery? 

Whether you operate in an agile or traditional work environment, benefit from more than a decade of experience in conducting small and large complexity projects with multi-cultural remote and collocated teams.

My sectors of experience include: Banking, Insurance, ICT, Aviation, Retail, Market Research, Healthcare, Citizen Mobility, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit.

MVP Kick-Start
Before making a big investment in designing a full solution for your target customers; do you want first to validate what features matter the most to them?


A “Minimum Viable Product / Service” could be a good option (MVP or MVS: a minimalistic starting solution).

And I will help your team moving swiftly from a concept to a first product / service version in order to get this crucial customer feedback that will drive your target solution.

Customer Journey Revamp
Customer journey design
Do you want to revisit or design from scratch the experience your customers go through while shopping, using and discovering your products and services?

You and your team will get the opportunity to address your customer pain points and get more out of your relationship with them by getting through an entire customer journey process.

Customer Pulse
Curious in understanding how your customers and prospects see your brand and use your mobile/web applications?

Get the answers you need about your target users through dedicated usability testing events and a suite of other market research solutions.

user testing market research
Play, Train & Bond
Team building training
Who said that developing new skills and federating a team needed to be serious and boring?


Benefit from custom-made training sessions and team building activities delivered in a playful approach. And help your teams deliver more value to your customers with the right mindset and skills.

Ready to assess your customers and teams' needs?

Let's talk.

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