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In this third newsletter edition, you will find the relationship between great Customer Experience and long term success and the associated benefits of using SCRUM in our ever increasing digital world.


Discover in this second newsletter edition what is the Internet of Things, its fields of application along with its benefits and potentials threats to both organisations and society in general.


7 May 2015

Discover in this cool infographic the story of Sam which highlights the complexity of the buying process nowadays and the amount of touch points used by consumers.

27 Mar 2015


A survey conducted among a representative sample of 500 residents of Luxembourg and 100 commuters reveals the customers' expectations and behaviours when it comes to the customer service quality question. See the FULL SURVEY results. 

Discover in this first CX First newsletter the advatanges of customer experience, why does it matter now, how other companies are doing out there in implementing it along with a success story!


18 Nov 2014


Mobile phone operators and telecommunication providers are among the worst culprits for customer service quality in Luxembourg, a consumer survey has found.

17 Nov 2014


Une étude qui, chiffres à l’appui, met en avant l’importance du service client et révèle les axes d’amélioration pour les entreprises au Luxembourg.

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Customer experience and agility

March 24, 2016

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When Customer Experience meets Agility!

March 24, 2016

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